Homework Information

Much of the homework in Grade 1 will be consistent throughout the year. It is important for the students to have nightly reading practice for 15-20 minutes. The students will bring home a book each night as part of their home reading program. Please give your son or daughter time each night to read orally to you, then when they are done, ask them questions about what they have read. For example what their favourite part was, which character did they like and why, or what didn't they like about the story. When finished, please sign their home reading log.

We will also have a "Poem of the Week" where the students will recite a poem about a theme we are learning in class. These mostly come from the Dolch Sight Word list that outlines the words students should be familiar with by the end of Grade 1. A list of sight words for grade one has been sent home with your son or daughter. These words should be practiced nightly as well. You can find more information on this list by visiting http://www.dolchsightwords.org/

Other homework will be assigned and the students will write it nightly into their homework agendas. Please help by checking your child's agenda each night for the homework they should complete as well as any notes from the teacher sent home. You can also use this agenda to communicate with me.

Homework Monday,November 17, 2014
Read 20 minutes
Sight words- New words to add to sight word list this week are: remember, poppy and brave (* If you want to extend on this you may add Remembrance Day)
math sheet
Also, Mr. Takach is sending a sheet with Christmas music which they will perform at the Christmas concert. Please practice singing with your child each night to help them learn the words.
    • I will be sending home a field trip permission slip. Please complete the form and return by Monday, November 17. I will need 9 or 10 parent volunteers to attend as well.I will choose volunteers on a first come, first serve basis. Each parent volunteer will be responsible for 2 students. We will be departing school at 12:45 to give students time to eat lunch. Parents may meet downstairs in the lobby around 12:30
**Just another friendly reminder to make sure the home reading books are packed in your son or daughter's back pack after you read each night. I have several still not returned. Please have a look around your home for books and return them to me as soon as possible. Thank you!